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FILMS FOR KIDS.Pro is the first program in Europe dedicated solely to the development of films for young audiences. Our goal is to support the production of ambitious movies for children aged 5-12 years, based on the highest artistic and production standards of European, and in particular Norwegian, cinema.

Currently, there is a great demand in the European film market for cinema for young audiences. The Norwegian film industry has a long tradition in this area and wonderful examples of contemporary film and television productions. There is also a rich literary tradition of children’s stories and novels that are often adapted into films.

We will work on ideas brought by participants and develop them from a short synopsis through first draft to a second draft of the screenplay (approximately 90-pages long). In parallel we will work with their respective producers on a strategy for financing, promoting and distributing those movies. All elements of the program are focused specifically on cinema for children. The program consists of 3 workshop sessions as well as online consultation.

The main objective of the workshops is to benefit as fully as possible from the knowledge and experience of the European film industry in this field, with the special contribution of experts and professionals from Norway, a country with significant achievements and experience in this area. Our tutors and lecturers are experienced professionals: script editors, writers, directors, producers, experts in film marketing, representatives from Polish and Norwegian television as well as European film distributors and sales agents. The main tutors are: Kirsten Bonnén Rask, Philip LaZebnikRonald Kruschak and Ulf Breistrand.

is it for you?

• The program is designed for 12 two-persons teams from Poland and Norway. Each team consists of a scriptwriter and a film producer.

• Participation in the whole program is free of charge (tutoring, lectures, transportation, accommodation and board, and also participation in film festival screenings)

• Required experience:

- Scriptwriters – if you want to participate, you should have experience in scriptwriting or, if you don’t, you should have written books (preferably for children)

- Producers - if you want to participate, you have to have a registered film production company at the time of submitting an application. You should also have experience in the film industry as producer, associate producer, co-producer, executive producer, production manager or line producer

• Only people who declare full participation in all workshops and commit to accepting all the deadlines according to the official schedule can take part in our program.

• The language of workshop is English. All participants must be able to communicate in spoken and written English.

what do you get?

• FILM FOR KIDS.Pro program’s goal is to develop 12 full-length feature film projects (both live action and animation) for children in the age group 5 to 12 years old.

• Development of full-length feature film projects means that each team has to complete the program with a second draft of a full screenplay (about 90-pages long) and a full financial and marketing plan accompanied by a promotional package.

• The Program consists of 3 workshop sessions (in total 19 days in Poland and Norway) and 2 on-line sessions.

• First Session – Poznań: 3-10.XII.2014

• Second Session – Kristiansand: mid-April 2015

• Third Session – Wrocław: mid-July 2015

• On-line Sessions (Skype/conference calls, e-mail): January 2015, June 2015

• Each team will have a leading scriptwriting tutor. Each tutor supports development of four projects. The three tutors are: Kirsten Bonnén Rask, Philip LaZebnik and Ulf Breistrand. All of them have considerable experience of developing screenplays for young audience.

• Producers will have their own tutor, who will support the development of all projects on the production side. This tutor is Ronald Kruschak, a German producer and scriptwriter.

• During all workshops, participants will meet a number of experts on children’s cinema: scriptwriters, producers, commissioning editors form Polish, Norwegian and European TV stations, distributors, sales agents, psychologists and… children.

• All workshop sessions are associated with film festivals: ALE KINO, BARNE FILM FESTIVAL and T-MOBILE NEW HORIZONS. Each participant will get free accreditation and the opportunity to take part in festival screenings - providing there is enough time.
FILMS FOR KIDS.Pro is a part of social campaign promoting cinema for young audiences in Poland and Norway as a part of a Polish-Norwegian cultural exchange program. Using the Norwegian experience, and the know-how of professionals from across Europe, we support writers, scriptwriters and film producers in the production of great new movies for children.


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Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and co-financed by the Polish funds.

Name of the project: „FILMS FOR KIDS”

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