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New Horizons Association is a non-gevernemental organization based in Warsaw and Wroclaw in Poland. Our main activity is T-mobile New Horizons International Film Festival - festival aimed to directors who search for new ways of expression in cinema language. Apart of the festival we do a number of different projects - all based around art-house cinema.

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Young audience initiatives:

new horizons of film education

for whom: primary, middle and secondary schools
During the school year 2012/2013 we are working together with cinemas in 30 cities.
It’s the 12th edition of our young audience project and it is open for pupils of all ages (at the age between: 7-10, 11-13, 14-16, and 17-19 years old). Each age category has a two or three-year autonomous programme and 40 thousand pupils from 1800 schools participated in the last year’s edition. Meetings take place in a cinema during the school time. The programme is not related to any school curriculum, but pupils do take part in it during school hours. Each group has nine meetings during the school year.
Our main goal is to make young people more familiar with the language and history of film, as well as to encourage them to visit cinema more often. We also emphasise the sociological and psychological issues in the films. The programme is primarily based on Polish and European films and each screening is accompanied by a lecture on the subject. Apart from feature films, we show documentaries and animated shorts and, if possible, we organise meetings with directors and film professionals.

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new horizons academy

for whom: primary, middle, and secondary school teachers
New Horizon Academy was created for teachers who are interested in film making. We teach them how to make a movie and relay gained knowledge to their pupils. Our goal is to teach practical skills (participants will be working on their own film projects) and find a place for film education in school program.
The participants of Academy learn writing a script, taking photos and become more familiar with montage and making films.
Each teacher from whole Poland can participate in this project. The project consist of 9 meetings that take place in Warsaw from November to July. After finishing Academy teachers are obliged to include their own ideas into educational program in their school next year and they should create web blog.

workshops during IFF T-Mobile New Horizons in Wrocław

for whom: primary, middle, and secondary school teachers
During holidays in Wroclaw teachers can participate in special film workshops. The program of workshops raises various subjects related to film studies ( history of cinematography, montage or movie language and so on) , making a movie and films shown at the festival. We want to encourage teachers to use films in their class and create some space to exchange movie experiences. Our workshops let people to combine film passion with their individual interests. It makes our project very popular. Thanks to meetings in Wroclaw the number of teachers convinced of necessity and effectiveness of film education is still raising. They include film education into school program and they encourage other teachers to do it as well. More information about registration you will find at homepage.

new horizons of deconsumption

for whom: middle, and secondary school teachers
New horizons of deconsumption is devoted to high school students and it refers to conscious consumption. The project inform students of the possible consequences of our daily consumer choices in their social (e.g. politics and balanced industry, human rights) and economical dimensions (e.g. use of natural resources, environmental pollution, climate change) and also from perspective of personality development like building of self esteem.
Thanks to this project pupils gain awareness of their agency. We influence the shape of the world and we can change it. Being a conscious consumer is very important, so we should behave more pro-social and pro-ecological. Pupils learn how to think critically, not only while they ‘re shopping, but also in other situations of everyday life.

screen 2.0

for whom: middle, and secondary school students
SCREEN 2.0 is dedicated to secondary school and high school teachers in Poland who are interested in making a movie. It is on-line course which is available after login to website of New Horizon of Film Education or platform of National Audiovisual Institute library.
The project is based on book version of the packet and it’s very popular among pupils and teachers . Good reviews prompt us to create online version of this project. The educational materials consist of lessons plan, work papers and multimedia presentations including film episodes. Extended version of educational materials , that was created by film professionals, focus on issues , such as: film narration, deformation of reality in film image, film as a historical source or concept of audiovisuality.
This project gives the great opportunity to teach humanities. Every subjects are compatible with school program and thoroughly written lessons allow to guide studies in efficient way. Screen 2.0 was created in cooperation with teachers who present various forms of working with young people and try to instill a film passion in their pupils. Using electronic sets teachers become guides through the world of cinematography. Pupils learn about i.a. film genres and breaking these conventions in contemporary cinema, subjectivity of documentaries and process of moviemaking.
SCREEN 2.0 is available for teachers after login to website: or

film on the horizon

for whom: middle, and secondary schools
Film on the Horizon is dedicated to middle and secondary schools. The project introduce young people with movie making. It was created by New Horizon Association and editors of Film PRO magazine. Our project consist of two versions - BASIC and PRO. The first one include internet course, the second consists of internet course and three movie workshops in Warsaw. Internet course consist of three parts. First step- making a movie script, second - taking film photos and third - cinematic techniques.In order to qualify for the project pupils have to make short film. The instruction on how to do it is available on our website. Project is all-polish. After the project the best film made by pupils will be awarded.
Participants of basic version use internet to gain knowledge about film making. At the beginning of each steps of the course participants will receive some educational materials illustrated with examples. They also get some advice by the professionals who comment their work on-line.
Pro version includes internet lessons and three meetings in Warsaw. Authors of best etudes in recruiting process have a chance to join this part of the project. Every film crew have their own film expert who help them in making a movie. In case of any problems pupils can discuss their work with attendants by internet. During workshops in Warsaw participants communicate with professionals and other groups. It is a great opportunity to take inspiration and gain new ideas for a project.

little distribution

for whom: primary, middle, and secondary schools
Since 2010 New Horizon Association regularly have been buying films for young audience (aged 9-15) which hadn’t been distributed in Poland before. These films are shown in the New Horizon of Film Education project. This kind of educational projections of “the little distribution” might be organized in every cinemas, community centers or libraries. Purchaser not only get a film copy but also get some educational materials. The price is a lump sum . For more information about payment contact us via e-mail. In recent years in Poland only few films for teen have been made. The repertoire is dominated by foreign movies, especially by hollywood super productions. Meanwhile in Europe every year lots of films for kids and teenagers is coming out. These films are awarded at film festivals, but .unfortunately they don’t get polish cinema. New Horizon aim to include into its educational program films which treat young people as responsive and curious about the world.

new media in your school

for whom: middle, and secondary school teachers
New media are a big challenge for school, but also give a lot of new opportunities. When access to information is so easy and contact with friends are at your fingertips the boundaries between school space and what is outside of it are blurred – individual and group work, science and entertainment. This is a challenge for teachers due to clash the necessity of realization of minimum curriculum and a feeling that imposed topics make pupils bored. Pupils more and more often are brought up not only on books or television but most of all on the computer games and internet. According to the World Internet Project Poland 2010 report, as many as 71% of polish teenagers spend at least a dozen hours a week surfing the internet . How can we discuss with the young people unwilling to read a book? How can we make them more interested in reading? Is there any creative ways of using new media? Our project try to find out answers these questions.

psychology in cinema

for whom: primary, middle, and secondary school teachers
The project include series of meetings that focus on teacher – pupil/class relations. The meetings consist of discussions and workshops. Thanks to them teachers are able to develop more effective and more conscious communication with their pupils.
There are lots of problems to discuss, like resolving conflicts among young people, characteristics of adolescence, dealing with violence, etc. Each participant will receive educational materials (class scenarios) that can be useful at school.
Meetings take place in several cities of Poland and are led by experts - psychologists and teachers. More details about dates of meetings will appear on the website in the winter.
Project was created in cooperation with New Horizon Association, New Era Publishing Company and Psychology in the School magazine.

practice in Warsaw

for whom: all people interested in film and culture animation
We created practice program for people interested in cinema. They work with us in the Muranow cinema and improve our project. Their enthusiasm and creativity help us developing new ideas.


  • organizing Film Education in the Muranów cinema (including artistic workshops, discussions on films)
  • taking an active part in making a film newspaper for participants of New Horizon of Film Education (editing texts, proofreading and organizing journalism workshops )
  • maintaining contact with teachers
  • writing newsletters
  • making database
  • organizing special events for teachers

We would like to thank everyone putting a lot of effort into development of our project.
If you want to join us , contact coordinator of the practice:

Michał Chabiera

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